travel post#2

I’ve been at a lot of places for traveling now of my fav places I have been at is cali and Nashville these are my two fav places to go because they both are a really nice place and the weather there is really nice ,Californa has a really nice warm weather and there beaches area. really nice place too go ,nashville has a really rainy weather and its really nice, they have really nice parks there and I like to go there because all of my fam is there and I like spending time with them.

these are two places a like to go.


free write#2

gifts to get a teen girl.

a lot of girls love jojo swia concert tickets.

they really like unicorn shoes too.

they really like to go shopping at Walmart so if you get them a Walmart gift card they will prob love it.

another gift that is really cool that they will prob love is a simple dimple and a pop it and any swish toy they will love.

These are some really nice stuff that a lot girls would like for a gift.






20 by 20

these are some things I’m wanting to do before I turn 20.

1.what I wanna do is work at pacsun.

2.I want to make money.

3.i want to make new friends.

4.learn how to drive.

5.i want to get a dog of my own.

6.i want to have a really nice car like a Mercedes Benz.

7.i want to get air Jordan 4 retro white Oreo.

8.what I want is a really nice clothes.

9.i want to get out of school as soon as posible. on my own at 19

11.get strait A’s

12.write my own book.

13.spend a lot of time with my family

14.i want to learn how to make good food.

15.i want to go out of the country.

16.i want to go to collage.

17.i want to make my own work.

18.i want to help all the people that don’t have money or jobs.

19.i want to make candy.

20.i want to have my own house.

how to blog post

How to tie a shoe.

there are a lot of ways to tie your shoe but one way I do it that is really easy is I do two bunny ears and I tie them together.


A lot of people tie there shoes different because they like to and I can’t change that because you tie your shoes the way you want to and people do what they want the way they want too because they don’t care about what you do so do whatever you want and don’t let anyone judge you because your just a silly little kid if you let someone tell you what to do.


review #2

something that I have reviewed is a dried mango.

a dried mango is rlly good in my onion and what it tastes like is sweet and it really docent have a mango taste too it it just is really sweet and it is really hard but at the same time it is a really good snack too have  and I really recommend.i think if you need a healthy snack this is good because it is a really good fruit and it tastes really good.

One thing I really wanna try is a star fruity wanna try it because a lot of people say it tastes good and that it has a lot of vitamin in it and I think that is a really good thing about it because I think that vitamin is a really import thing you should have in your body.

review post

One thing I have reviewed before is a dragon fruit.

a dragon fruit is really yummy and its a really nice snack to have.

dragon fruit really doesn’t taste like anything but it kinda has a sweet taste too it and it kinda tastes like a kiwi.

I think dragon fruit is a really good fruit and I will try it again and I think you should try it because its a cool fruit.

travel post

I have been at a lot of places one place I have been at was Iran,irani was a really fun place I went too and it is out of the country.

one other place I have been at is cali, cali is a really nice place and the beaches are very nice there and they have a lot of cool stuff over there.

I’ve been at Florida too and Florida is a really beautiful place too go and it is very nice too go and visit.

these are some places I have been to and these are some places I really like to go again and visit.

city of Iran.

Free write

These are some cool places I have been too

One place that I have been too is out of the country and it is iran, I was born there and I went there too see my family, it is a really fun place to go visit and there is a lot of cool stuff there and there food is so yummy!

Onother place that I have been too is cali,cali is a really pretty place to go and they have really cool beaches and stuff there and there is a lot of cool stuff to go visit other place I have been to that is fun is Nashville tn.Nashville is really cool place to go and visit there is a lot of cool parks and stuff there’s really like the trees over there and the cool band places they have over.

There are more places I have been too like Arizona and Florida and Texas and Washington but these 3 places are my favorite places too go and visti.


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